Was $119.99
Now $74.97

  • PREMIUM FEATURES – ROOF MASTER rooftop storage bag has been engineered to solve the problems of standard cargo carrier bags by incorporation of unique design features and premium materials. This makes it easy to use, secure on your roof, keeps your cargo dry and has a long service life.
  • UNIQUE WATER PROOF DESIGN – ROOF MASTER utilizes a genuine waterproof zipper, used in extreme sports and is protected with a double flap. All seams are heat welded and stitched to ensure they are watertight. ROOF MASTER has been tested with 200 mph water jets and remains leak tight (see video below)
  • ROBUST AND DURABLE – Heavy duty soft shell cargo carrier is designed to last. Manufactured from military grade Cordura fabric with 5 times the strength and wear resistance of high-grade PVC. Stitching thread is Kevlar, double the strength of nylon. Straps are extra width 1.5” and fitted with Duraflex buckles, double the strength of standard buckles.
  • EASY TO USE – Easy to install. Use with either roof side rails, cross bars or a combination of both. Place on roof, load up cargo, zip bag up and then use 2 or 4 compression straps to tie down securely. Job done. No tools required. Full instructions included. Luggage capacity 16 Cu Ft which is the same as a Toyota Landcruiser Trunk. Dims – 45″ X 34″
  • SAFEY FIRST – Straps fitted through the vehicle are dangerous, door hooks damage door seals, paintwork and create water leak points. This is why ROOF MASTER straps are only designed to fit roof rack side beams, crossbars or baskets. Straps are fitted through guides on the bag and can be attached in 3 different combinations to suit your load and roof rack type.

Looking for a premium rooftop cargo bag that does not leak and damage easily? Look no further.

ROOF MASTER has been engineered and rigorously tested for ease of use, durability, and safety, to ensure this is a great product that you will use many times. Our team took time to understand the weaknesses of standard carriers on the market and have solved these issues with unique design features and manufacturing techniques.

It will fit onto any vehicle with side rails, cross bars or a basket. Compared to a hard shell carrier, ROOF MASTER is lighter and much easier to store

Don’t limit what you can carry on your road trip. ROOF MASTER has the same capacity as an average sized trunk

Was $119.99
Now $74.97

Premium Features stands ROOF MASTER out from the crowd

Use with Roof Racks only

  • We do not recommend fixing a cargo carrier with internal straps or door hooks. This can be dangerous, damage door seals and leak water into your vehicle.
  • This is why ROOF MASTER is designed exclusively for use with Side Rails, Cross beams or a basket.

Zipper used in extreme sports

  • The most common leak path in Cargo Carriers is the zipper.
  • ROOF MASTER is fitted with a high quality water tight zipper which are also used in extreme sports

Attention to detail

  • ROOF MASTER is stitched with super strong kevlar thread and seams are heat welded to ensure that they are water tight.

    The built in microprocessor will stop the pump at your desired pressure
  • During its development it remained leak tight when blasted with 200mph jets !

Incredible wear resistance

  • ROOF MASTER is made from Cordura Nylon fabric which has incredible resistance to wear. Its the same material used in Motor racing suits and many military applications.
  • It is far superior to even high grade PVC (polyester) fabric and will ensure ROOF MASTER does not wear out prematurely

Strong Straps

  • ROOF MASTER uses 1.5″ straps and Duraflex buckles which are up to 3 times stronger than standard plastic buckles.
  • The hyper tough thermoplastic can also retain strength at lower temperatures.

Safety is the priority

Can be used to inflate:

  • Straps stitched to the top of bags are a tear point and water leak path
  • ROOF MASTER straps are guided through the top of the bag to prevent these issues
  • Can be tied down with 2 straps for rails or 2 straps for cross beams.