Digital Tire Inflator - Troubleshooting






The pump will no switch on for the second tire


  • On the first tire, the inflator is switched into ‘pumping mode’ by pressing the on/off button. This will start inflation of the tire.   The pump will stop at the pre-set pressure.


  • On the second tire, the inflator is re-started by pressing the ‘M’ button below the LCD. You will see the LCD momentarily show ‘On’ and the pump will then re-start.


  • However, if you disconnect the inflator from power after the first tire, then the inflator will re-set and you will need to use the ‘on/off’ button to switch the pump on for the first tire.



There is no power to the inflator


  • Automobile fuse may be burned out. Test this by trying another device in the 12V outlet that is known to work.  Replace automobile fuse if necessary
  • Tire Inflator fuse may be blown. Unscrew the end cap on the 12V connector.  Remove the fuse.  You will be able to see if the fuse has blown as the internal wire will be broken.  Replace fuse with 15A equivalent
  • Ensure the 12V connector is fully pushed in
  • Check the 12v outlet on the vehicle for dirt ingress. If found, remove carefully with a non-metallic object such as wood or plastic


The inflator runs but labours or will not start


  • Likely to be low battery voltage. Ensure the engine is running first, then plug in the 12V connector
  • Twist the 12V connector to improve the contact




The inflator pump runs but the tire does not inflate


  • Likely to be air leak.
    • Turn off the pump. Check the snap-on connector is connected properly by making an air seal.  The tire pressure will display on the LCD if its connected properly.
    • If the tire pressure is not displayed with the pump off, remove the connector and re-connect, pushing down harder this time before pulling the lever down.


When the tire pressure is checked with a gauge its lower than the set pressure on the inflator


  • When air is compressed it warms up. When it cools, the pressure will reduce.  Wait for the air to cool then top up.  TIP = Do not inflate tires in direct sunlight.




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