Hi, my name is Steve Shoulder and I am one of the original founders and the major shareholder of P.I. Stores. Myself and my son in law David Cooke started this business towards the end of 2014 on a part time basis with support from his wife (and my daughter) Yolanda. We ran the business on a very part time basis for about a year or more to determine whether or not this was something that we could do and that we would like to do.

Our first product was a tire pressure gauge and to be honest it did not do very well. On the other hand it taught us a lot of the skills and knowledge that we have subsequently put to very good use with our other products.

There was one stage where we actually thought that we should not continue with the business because our first product was doing so badly. Then we started to look at other products and we launched the tire inflator which has turned out to be our best product so far and as a result of that success we decided to continue with the business and we incorporated P.I. Stores LLC in early 2016. David was the first full time employee of the company as a founding director and Yolanda was the second. Yolanda is looking after customer service for the business and she continues to do a great job for us in that area.

We then asked a very good friend of mine Dave Storey to join the business as the second full time director. I had worked with Dave previously and I knew that with his engineering and six sigma background he had all of the skills that we would need to properly identify and launch new products going forward. Dave joined us in mid 2016 and we have not looked back.

Along the way we have made lots of mistakes and there are things that we have done that in retrospect turned out to be not so good. There are other things that have turned out to be great decisions and we have continued to learn and grow as we move along. The one thing that has remained constant in all of that journey has been our commitment to make our customers the top priority in the business and we have kept to that ethos to this day. We want every customer to have a first class experience every time they deal with us and that is our focus.

When the workload started to grow we brought in additional staff to help us and one of our stars turned out to be Juvy Mahumot who joined us from the Philippines. Juvy looks after marketing and admin and she is a great help to the two directors in the business and she continues to grow along with the rest of us.

Initially I did not play a big part in the business. I used to be a high profile business transformation expert and that kept me very busy. So I had regular meetings with the guys to make sure that they were on the right track and I also invested the majority of the seed capital required to get the business rolling. It remained that way until early in 2019.

That was when I decided to retire from my previous profession in late 2018 due to health issues and I am now taking on a more active role on the business. The two directors are still running the business for the most part and I am helping out where I can. For example I am building this website that you are now reading! I am growing my skills and stepping outside of my comfort zone which is not bad going for an old guy.

The journey of P.I. Stores continues to evolve and we are setting our sights on a great future that we hope will allow us to help more and more customers as we continue to grow. We hope that you like what we do and we hope that we can serve you for many years to come.

Best Regards

Steve Shoulder