10 reasons to buy the ROOF MASTER

  • We are a family owned American Company, based out of Sheridan, Wyoming.
  • Our after sales support is by USA staff.  If you have a problem and contact us by email or phone you will in communication with one of our team.
  • We offer a genuine Lifetime Warranty.  If you get a fault which is not caused by excessive use or damage, then we will replace your inflator
  • During our design process of the ROOF MASTER we tested all of the other top selling Rooftop Carriers and read all of their comments from customers.   We have solved all of the issues of the current Rooftop Carriers in our design and manufacture of the ROOF MASTER
  • We have chosen high quality components to ensure the ease of use, waterproofing and durability are of a high standard.  As they say – you get what you pay for.
  • ROOF MASTER is the only Rooftop Carrier made from Cordura fabric.  This has up to 5 times the wear resistance of Polyester which standard Cargo Carriers are made from.  This increases the service life of the ROOF MASTER
  • We know that being waterproof is one of the most important qualities of a ROOF TOP carrier.   That is why ROOF MASTER uses a genuine waterproof zipper and all of the seams are heat welded.  We tested the waterproofing during our design phase by blasting ROOF MASTER with 200mph water jets.  No water was found inside.

  • ROOF MASTER straps are not stitched to the top of the bag.  This creates a water leak point and can mean the straps can be torn from the bag during high winds.
  • ROOF MASTER is designed for safety.  Having straps go inside the car can be dangerous, damage door seals and create a water leak path.   This is why ROOF MASTER is to be used with Roof Racks – Side beams or Cross Beams or on a Basket.

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